Do you know the Smart Home concept? What do you know about the term Home Automation? Both concepts represent what will be the future of housing. We give you more information immediately!

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Although with different terminology, in practice, two concepts are synonymous. Smart Home refers to the automation of housing (or Home Automation), implying the integration of technology into the different functionalities in order to improve the experience of use and enjoyment of user.

Put that way, it seems a bit confusing; however, the idea is easier. Home automation refers to the automation of certain elements of housing, which are centralized in a single device that can control absolutely everything (either the panel installed at home, a computer software or app for Tablet and Smartphone).

We all like to get home in winter and have a nice temperatura, check if the washing machine has completed its function or check whether we have lowered the blinds, right? Precisely, Home Automation allows that. Control of curtains, doors, windows, air conditioning, electrical appliances, sound, lighting and other electronic devices. Therefore, comfort and habitability of housing is favored, making daily routine of its inhabitants more comfortable.

Just comfort and habitability?

It has been like this until a few years ago. The main reasons for users to perform this process of Home Automation is that they want to improve their quality of life, favored by the simplification of processes and the increase of security and remote control.

Another reason to opt for these services is the respective energy efficiency and resource optimization. Home Automation, thanks to the control over each element, promotes energy saving and environmental care.

However, home automation is being introduced gradually and constitutes an essential part of what will be the homes of the future. In fact, Smart Home surpasses the lines of comfort to get into a new way, the way of leisure and entertainment.

Smart Home: enjoyment and entertainment,…

Can you imagine listening to music you like at any time? To be able to handle the TV without being home to record a programme you can’t see live? Home Automation technology allows you to program music to listen in every room of the house, and even set a type of music for each area. A luxury! Undoubtedly, this alternative favors comfort and creates a unique atmosphere for each area.

In addition, automation of lighting sensors, combined with different shades of light (and even colors), favors the creation of atmospheres and unique environments. A mixture of sound and color!

…and safety!

Sensors for motion detection, gas and smoke; alarms and security cameras. With an installation of this type, you have your home safe. Remote control and safety thanks to the management of blinds, curtains, doors, windows and more. You can even perform actions of presence simulation when you’re away from home for caution.

Wherever you are, without key, or rather, the mobile will be your own key. In fact, working on facial recognition options for this type of service, so that user-facial features are the ‘key’ to manage all these services.

The future is increasingly present. Home Automation services are increasingly demanded. This, tied to the continuing evolution of wireless connections, apps and mobile devices portend a progressive introduction of these Smart Homes, spaces that, besides all the above, will gain in energy efficiency and use of resources.