Welcome to Piezas Habitat! Today we released our blog and I could find no better way than presenting my business as I have always treated it, with care, creativity and a spark of imagination.

This is Luis Santiago, founding partner, designer and Project Manager of Piezas Habitat. 20 years of experience in this area have enabled us to progress professionally to be what we are, a reference to the regional scale with architectural projects and interior design in many areas of Andalusia, and also outside it.

Luis Santiago - Studio Piezas Habitat

Luis Santiago: Founding partner of Piezas Hábitat.

Our slogan: Enjoy living every day! Surely you wonder… Enjoy every moment of life? Complicated, yes, but that is precisely the goal that motivates us to move forward. We work to make your day to day better, we want to fill it with decorative function and beauty, comfort and livability, sustainability and efficiency.

Piezas Habitat is a novel initiative that combines two concepts, Studio and Shop. On the one hand, our shop offers all kinds of solutions for decoration and equipment of spaces, both residential and professionals. Home, office, hotels, restaurants,… we work with exclusive brands and offer our customers the opportunity to see each piece in a real context, thanks to our pilot house and different adapted sets: kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants… and our pilot hotel, all to scale, so you can believe with absolute certainty, so you can dream.

On the other hand, our Studio develops custom projects for each customer, both modular as integrated projects, covering different areas: architectural design, interior design, decoration, home automation, lighting, landscaping,… You can choose to make a unique landscaping project or opt for a integrated project, rehabilitation or new construction, which includes our service of Project Manager. Our team of professionals offers customers its full potential, providing creativity and commitment without forgetting any details.

Residential and professional customers, and also collaborators. We have always believed that progress is linked to collaboration, and therefore we collaborate with architects, decorators, interior designers and other industry professionals.

piezas habitat - diseño arquitectura cadiz sevilla malaga

“Studio & Shop are our added value; In Piezas Habitat we are designing ambiences, managing projects and outfitting spaces”.

Viewed this way, sure you understand that there are many alternatives to enjoy every moment of life, right? Because we have evolved to offer you the best, and therefore we have solutions for each of your needs.

Our three premises:

  • Modernity: Places designed to dream. Pure expression of contemporary way of life. Shapes, dimensions that produce movement, drawing figures in the landscape, exterior and interior simplicity, solid construction elements and finishes care to detail. White, glass, light, landscape,…
  • Functionality: Places designed to live. Accessibility or spaces, organization of elements, finishes that favor comfort and safety, solutions that maximize energy savings and environmental sustainability.
  • Consistency: Places designed for you. Because beyond the project initially present to you, we work to continue shaping until your expectations will be exceeded. They say that everyone is architect of his own life, and in this fact, the analogy couldn’t be more correct.

This is our proposal, our philosophy and our guarantee. From now on, you are invited to meet us. You can find us in the online worldwide through our web www.piezashabitat.com and our different profiles on social networks. Of course, our showroom is open to anyone who wants to keep dreaming.

Again… Welcome! Thank you!