Landscape, environment, nature, sustainability and efficiency. At Piezas Habitat, specific landscaping projects are developed, as well as the optimization of each outside space to create a fantastic landscape where nature and aesthetics have their own place, providing an added value.

As we love nature and because we all have a wild side within us, there is no better way to unwind yourself, or to enjoy than to being in a garden, feeling the smell of nature while watching a beautiful sunset. Do you fancy that? Well, you do not need to travel to enjoy it all. We make it possible for you, wherever you want.

paisajismo cadiz, proyecto paisajismo cadiz, landscaping andalusia
paisajismo cadiz, landscaping cadiz andalusia


Landscaping project applied to an integrated project. In this case, we connect nature with a multi-storey building, embellishing both the outside area and the views offered from inside the building. Nature and sustainability integrated into one single element.

paisajismo cadiz, seville, malaga, andalusia

CONDOR Project

In this case, the landscaping project integrates several outdoor areas in the same space. Porches, pool, access lane… All the areas are unified by a set of trees and carefully selected plants, where detail enhances every corner of the estate.


All our projects respect SUSTAINABILITY and HABITABILITY, favouring COMFORT and WELLNESS.