Historically linked to the arts, especially painting and architecture, landscaping is an element that has always been present in the collective memory of different societies. In the beginning, as pictorial trend that reflected the wild nature per se. Subsequently, it linked to architecture, design and optimization of natural areas.

It has been many years, and it has required the evolution of societies, changing trends and artistic and industrial techniques to achieve this progress. Anyway, the truth is that there is a change. It has evolved from the landscape seen from outside, to work it from the inside, linked to the manipulation itself, design and construction. Similarly, landscaping still has a considerable importance in our time; one of its main applications is the urban architecture and, increasingly, residential.

In this way, the Studio of design Piezas Habitat, with the add value of Luis Santiago as the main reference, develops landscaping projects applied to each customer, a landscape that is involved with the architecture of each place to create a unique environment in which enjoy an enriching experience of use.

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Project: MANDAL

And they are increasingly the customers who approach the Studio of Luis Santiago interested in doing landscaping works for their home. Flats, houses, rural areas,… different housing types, but all with the same possibilities, an upward trend in recent years.

Landscaping to live, to enjoy

The landscaping is divided into the most diverse trends, all with the common goal of beautifying spaces, both interior and exterior, optimizing the potential of gardens and landscapes.

What does vary considerably from one to another trend it is the aesthetics or the final product design: wild, native, agricultural, minimalist… Of all the alternatives, which raises more interest in Piezas Habitat it is the modern landscaping: shapes, silhouettes, symmetries, color scheme, open spaces… this variety of landscape provides a minimalist and differentiator look to each areas.

But… what features this kind of landscaping have?

Landscaping designed by Luis Santiago has 5 distinctive characteristics, united in a single project that offers the added value of Piezas Habitat:

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Project: MANDAL

  • Design: the landscape is very close to the concept of work of art. Requires creation, originality and design, that is, drawing sketches that capture the development of creative concept. In fact, it uses fashionable elements to give the feeling of contemporary modernity: shapes, colors, impression of movement,…
  • Geometric shapes: shapes and figures are essential part of landscaping developed in Piezas Habitat. Generally, they are arranged so that, as a whole, acquire a complete and consistent meaning.
  • Symmetry: order produces balance. The position of each element of each tree and plant, is essential in our landscaping projects. Besides the aesthetic beauty that favor this type of space, landscaping developed by Luis Santiago has the ability to create a different atmosphere, which promotes the creation of specific environments and favours harmony and order.
  • Lighting is a resource increasingly used. Because the gardens, if during the day are an essential part of the architecture of the place, at night it couldn’t be less. In this way, lighting helps to create a sensual, intimate and very relaxing ambient.
  • Material elements: barbecues, pergolas, stone paths, fountains, furniture for outdoor areas,… all contribute in some way to make the most habitable and comfortable environment. In addition, furniture helps to personalize spaces and bring beauty and fashion look. We found the piece that fits each space like a glove, whether rustic, classic or modern aesthetic.

To know a little more about the context in which this type of work is carried out, it is very interesting to know the data provided for the 2016 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). What are the most popular projects? They are those who bet on sustainability and don’t require ongoing maintenance: resistant plants, low maintenance gardening,… always combined with the elements described previously. A comfortable, accessible and easy care garden, with special resistant to the external agents.

Clearly, the landscaping is fashionable. Besides being used to embellish the architecture of buildings and public and urban spaces, landscaping is increasingly used for decoration of residential spaces. A symbiosis of fashion and design, nature and architecture, without overlooking environmental sustainability and efficiency of natural resources.

Piezas Habitat are committed in it. Landscaping projects to live, to enjoy, to experience in your living spaces!