More than decoration. We take advantage of the spaces to apply the best solutions to them. We do all that thoroughly by developing specific studies of space, comfort and habitat environments.

ARAGON Basement

Remodelling of a basement space including interior design and lighting project. Equipment and optimization of comfort, environment and habitability.

Designer and Project Manager: Luis Santiago

Location: San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain

Year: 2015

diseño interiores cadiz, interior design Cadiz, Seville, Malaga, Andalusia

01.- Challenges

Initially, we found a large but rather dark space; a basement with a lot of possibilities but with urgent reform needs. The area to be remodelled had a rustic-like bar and a pool table in the middle. An ideal place to let your imagination flow. The main aim is to design a wonderful game room, a place to enjoy with family and friends, without sacrificing those elements.

The project meant transforming the space into a separated area of the house, a place for leisure and entertainment equipped with quality products, with minimalist aesthetics, customization of spaces, but keeping comfort for daily use and enjoyment.

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02.- Renders vs. Results

We simply develop a project adapted to your needs. You do not need to contract our services, but if you decide to trust our experience, we will work from zero to bring the results live up to your expectations. In this case, we worked the basement reform passionately, paying attention to details to provide the use of space, sustainable performance and aesthetics appeal linked to modernism and comfort.

arquitectura e interiorismo en Cadiz, Sevilla y Malaga arquitectura e interiorismo en Cadiz, Sevilla y Malaga
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03.- Results

After the reform, attached to the interior design and the development of a specific lighting project, the space was absolutely lit through the implementation of several perimeter cavities and decorative lamps.

The detailed equipment with sofas, tables, shelves and other elements enhance the result. Mission accompished! A space that keeps the original elements but gaining habitability and a distinctive environment by the combination of colours with traditional and modern elements.

Our work speaks for itself. Here are the results!


Remodelling of an office which includes interior design and lighting. Equipment to make use of resources and optimization of benefits in comfort, environment and habitability.

Designer and Project Manager: Luis Santiago

Location: El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain

Year: 2015

01.- Challenges

Originally, this space was nothing but a simple room in a house. The main idea behind the project goes far beyond that. The work consists of designing a multipurpose space to work in, relax, for entertainment, etc; a place to enjoy everyday. The project made us pay attention to every detail, from the own design to the final touch of each area and piece; upholstery, materials, etc.

02.- Evolution y Results

The project includes the unique design of one of the most important pieces in the area: the table, made of organic materials with a single support to the ground. We specially focused on lighting, which is designed to be indirectly part of the space by using perimeter cavities, but complying with the required functionality and the different needs of work and leisure. A maximized small space. Comfort and quality at the same time; discreet but modern aesthetics.

diseño de interiores cadiz, interiorismo cadiz

Several stages. Before and after.


A customized interior design project in collaboration with the architect in charge. Adaptation of spaces for architectural use of sunshine, environmental sustainability, and of course, comfort and wellness in every detail, from the final elements of the spaces to the decorative elements of the set.

Designer and Project Manager: Luis Santiago

Location: Conil de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain

Year: 2005

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interiorismo cadiz, diseño interiores cadiz, malaga, sevilla
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Residential and professional spaces for working and living

MACIAS Kitchen

Full project of kitchen equipment. Prpposal of design and equipment: furniture, electrical appliances and lighting details. A space 100% finished to enjoy the art of cooking!

Designer and Project Manager: Luis Santiago

Location: Cadiz, Spain

Year: 2016

cocinas cadiz, proyectos equipamiento

01.- Challenges

The challenge of this project was to make the equipment of a small kitchen space, and therefore had to optimize to maintain comfort and convenience without giving up a new aesthetic. The customer trusts Piezas Habitat and we put ourselves in place to provide a plane of project facilities and complete equipment.

02.- Results

Amplitude, brightness and design! A new space, radically opposed to the starting kitchen. Amplitude. the feeling of spaciousness is achieved thanks to the minimalist aesthetic of furniture, reinforced by the white color, which provides perspective and depth. Brightness. Details of LED lighting in cold tones, paying attention to every element to avoid creating shadows. Design. Development of various proposals to reach the final bet. Structure, order and usability, creative solutions for beautification of electrical appliances and kitchen area.

cocinas piezas habitat, proyecto cocina

Kitchens with charm to get the most out of cooking experience

LEON Kitchen

Project of kitchen reform, which includes full design, presentation of proposal, construction management, equipment, furniture and electrical appliances. In addition,it includes lighting work.

Designer and Project Manager: Luis Santiago

Location: Cadiz, Spain

Year: 2016

diseño cocinas cadiz, sevilla y malaga

01.- Challenges

The project developed is applied to a kitchen space connected directly to a small terrace. A very bright space given the proximity to the exterior, with sufficient space and many possibilities. The customer is committed to a reform of the kitchen with the idea of ​​having a modern aesthetic and the latest amenities. We presented a proposal in which the space was filled with light and life. Quality in every material and finishes, all optimized to maximize the chances of this kitchen.

02.- Results

Color, light and space. The results speak for themselves. They might seem two different spaces. Traditional kitchen is transformed into a space in which everyone like to live, to experience, and of course, to cook. The set of furniture, electrical appliances, countertop, tap,… all as a whole offers a sense of style. Aesthetics, comfort and usability.

estudio de diseño cadiz sevilla malaga
studio cocinas cadiz sevilla malaga

Experiment, enjoy, cook… All in the same place!


Specific project of kitchen equipment. It includes equipment, electrical appliances, countertop and tap. The best qualities and custom finishes for our client.

Designer and Project Manager: Luis Santiago

Location: Cadiz, Spain

Year: 2016

01.- Challenges

The challenge is to furnish and equip a fully renovated area, although empty, without any equipment. When we visited the house, we found a kitchen in the reform process. From this, we developed a specific project to present to our customer. After defining the details and once the works are completed, we started with the execution.

02.- Results

Minimalism, contrast and usability, the three key premises of this project. Minimalism: flat colors, smooth finishes, no reliefs and other decorative elements. Integrable electrical appliances and absence of external handles. Contrast: white against the gray, intense and sober mix but it brings light and openness to the kitchen area. Usability: all very practical. Large spaces kitchen, electrical appliances and drawers very accessible.

kitchen and equipment cadiz seville and malaga
equipamiento cocinas cadiz sevilla malaga

Small dreams fulfilled

ALONSO Kitchen

Interior design applied to a kitchen space. In this case, it is the initial project design, management and monitoring of the work, equipment, furniture and lighting . We do not say that it is not a surprising change!

Designer and Project Manager: Luis Santiago

Location: El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain

Year: 2012

proyecto cocina cadiz - cocinas cadiz - diseño de cocinas

01.- Challenges

This project originally consisted of two separate spaces: on the one hand, the kitchen with laundry room, a large traditional kitchen and, on the other hand, a small dining room with excessive lighting. The challenge was unifying the two spaces and giving the kitchen a bigger amplitude. The project includes reform and equipment.

02.- Results

The change was amazing. Open concept: unifying the kitchen and the dining room into a single space and visually decoupling of the laundry room, previously located in sight from the kitchen. The final touch was perfectly topped by carpentry work in every detail, resulting in a more spacious, fuctional space, full of light.

We customize areas to make them more functional and fit them to live in.

diseño interiores cadiz, interior design seville and malaga


Customization of spaces. Exploitation of sunlight, land and building orientation, climate… Focus on the customer’s preferences and needs. The interior design takes every existing capabilities around its own building to get the most aesthetics and habitat performance.

interiorismo cadiz, diseño de interiores sevilla y malaga

CONDOR Project

The best solutions to make a great project. In Condor, always with the approval from our customer, we communicated the inside part of the house, expanded the view to the outside, favouring natural lighting and more. Improved space without reducing it to simple decoration.


All our projects respect the SUSTAINABILITY and the HABITABILITY, favouring COMFORT and WELLNESS.