In Piezas Habitat we are committed to innovation and development. We understand that progress is linked to collaboration, and therefore we open our doors so you can join us, to continue, to grow, to build!


We have the best store in Andalusia. A showroom with 1000 m² and two floors in which you can enjoy different areas: Studio, meeting room, technical room, restaurant, reception and spaces adapted for holding events, meetings and learning.

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We organize breakfasts, talks, team building sessions,… In addition, sure that you know concepts such as networking or co-working , very popular in recent years. It consist in group meetings in order to create networks of professional contacts in which both parties stand to gain. It is an essential part for Piezas Habitat!

Events, presentations,… but also projects, management and dynamics for  work, from an early stage and during all the process. You can join as a partner or agent of Piezas Habitat, and you can benefit of our resources while you bring your potential. Because collaboration is the base for growth.

Are you inspire? We will be happy to attend to you. We want to grow with you!

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