Landscaping as new trend for residential gardening

Historically linked to the arts, especially painting and architecture, landscaping is an element that has always been present in the collective memory of different societies. In the beginning, as pictorial trend that reflected the wild nature per se. Subsequently, it linked to architecture, design and optimization of natural areas. [...]

Smart Home, much more than intelligent housing…

Do you know the Smart Home concept? What do you know about the term Home Automation? Both concepts represent what will be the future of housing. We give you more information immediately! Although with different terminology, in practice, two concepts are synonymous. Smart Home refers to [...]

Projects to believe in: modern, functional and emotional architecture

Welcome to Piezas Habitat! Today we released our blog and I could find no better way than presenting my business as I have always treated it, with care, creativity and a spark of imagination. This is Luis Santiago, founding partner, designer and Project Manager of Piezas Habitat. 20 years [...]

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