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Integrated project that includes architectural design, project development, interior design, construction management, equipment and decoration. Reformed two-storey house with sea views, located in Cadiz.

Designer and Project Manager: Luis Santiago

Location: Cadiz, Spain

Year: 2010

Arquitectura Cadiz, Sevilla, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain
diseño arquitectura cadiz, arquitecto cadiz
Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain
Diseño en arquitectura Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

01.- Challenges

The creative concept of this project starts from the initial needs outlined by the customer, and linked to the own characteristics of Luis Santiago’s Studio. The initial condition of the house forced us to demolish certain areas and to propose a different structural design.

Comfort and quality with the best finishing touches in all elements, mixing the inside classicism with the modernism and the brightness from outside area. A unique challenge for a loft located in a wonderful environment.

Initial condition. Demolition works on ceilings, walls and floors. Our customers stay away from the whole process to receive a finished project.

In this project, we manage 100% of the work keeping the priorities of our client. He wanted to forget about the whole process, so he trusted in Piezas Habitat, expecting for the best results. Before and after. The satisfaction of a well done job!

Cadiz, Sevilla, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

02.- Results

In addition to the design and management, the project of the loft is finished and equipped with several types of elements: carpentry, lattices, wood paneling, perimeter cavities, lighting, Smart home,… There are many details, but just one conclusion: our client was delighted, and we were pleased to satisfy his requirements.

Design, creation, innovation, originality , …Customized solutions!

Mandal House project - proyecto integral


Integrated project of functional architecture adapted to customer needs. Architectural design for construction of new house with modern look and minimalist style, with the added value of Luis Santiago’s Studio. Spaciousness, perspective and functionality without sacrificing habitability and comfort.

Condor project - proyecto integral - integrated project

CONDOR Project

In this case, the architectural project is based on the integrated reform of a house. A rural house with an ordinary architecture of barred windows and roof with tiles. The project includes a redesign of the building with open-air spaces and new uses regarding the original building. A practical and spaciousness place.


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