Pieces of furniture, objects, interior design and decoration. Habitats, spaces and projects. Design, architecture and management. Piezas Habitat is an enterprising company that mixes all these concepts in a specific business activity that covers from modular to integrated projects, including project management and equipment that can be applied to residential and professional areas.

A novel alternative that includes 100% of project development, reaching a reputation thanks to the added value of Luis Santiago’s Studio, founding partner, designer and Project Manager. His designing style, a mixture of modernism and minimalist elements with solutions applied to comfort and space habitability, which is increasingly becoming a demanded reference by customers.

Partners Piezas Habitat - Projects, Equipment, Management
Luis Santiago - Studio Piezas Habitat

Luis Santiago


“Enjoy every day, every step during the development of our projects and those of our customers and partners. That was our goal when designing this workspace. And we were successful”.

¡Enjoy living every day!

Pilar Sujar - Founding partner of Piezas Habitat

Pilar Sújar


“To me, Piezas Habitat, is more than a job, it’s my lifestyle. We started selling pieces of furniture and today, 20 years later, we are creating habitats and designing environments, an evolution that has allowed us to make of our passion, a way to grow professionally.

Our company doesn’t just sell products or projects; we sell dreams, happiness and enjoyment, we promote comfort, and feelings, and we enjoy doing so. Each texture, each material, each piece,… We take advantage of the potential of each item and customize it to create spaces and environments where you can enjoy your life every day”.

Martin Halblaub - Active partner of Piezas Habitat

Martin Halblaub


“I knew Piezas Habitat and I decided to join them. A leading company in Andalusia offering customers their dream home, doing so in every stage of the process, from architectural design to management and delivery.

With over twenty years of experience, Piezas Habitat meets the needs of the most demanding clients, whether foreign or Spanish. You will enjoy the process getting some results live up to your expectations”.

Our history

Beginning - Piezas

1996 – Beginning: Piezas

Piezas Sonido e Interiorismo SL was founded in 1996 by Luis Santiago and Pilar Sújar. And everything started because of the owners’ passion for design, along with their gradual introduction to all levels of daily life, from contract to interior design.

Due to the difficulties they had at that time to find renowned pieces, as Bauhaus classics, Luis and Pilar decided to expand the activities of the company.

Since then, they have created the brand Piezas Interiorismo, with the clear vocation of spreading knowledge and love to architecture, interior design and equipment, which is an added value.

Consolidation - Habitat

2005 – Consolidation: Habitat

The business is expanding and requires dedication, effort and versatile people who can adapt to different types of tasks. So it is. From customer services and daily orders, to administration and some small projects, the company is growing and launching new activities.

Luis Santiago is now dealing with different kinds of professionals, specially architects and people from the plastic industry, and as a result of this business relationship, he has started working as a design manager, developing  decoration and equipment for different projects with the aforementioned professionals.

The company, which initially focused its activity on selling products, has consolidated a new perspective based on the development of living spaces. After these successful experiences, the projects of the company have increasingly become involved in interior design and architecture. This way, Piezas Habitat SL was founded.

Result: Piezas Habitat

2015 – Piezas Habitat

Fenicia Project comes true in 2015, after the opening of a two-storey building with over 1000 m², including Studio & Shop. Along with the new facilities, the company takes a turn in the branding developed until that time. Twenty years of professional experience, reinforced by the opening of new facilities, and a new showroom with fantastic spaces, are an absolute reference in the world of interior design and equipment since its opening.

Piezas Habitat continues growing and opting for internationalization and penetration into new markets. The company acquires foreign capital expanding its business model. Luis Santiago and Pilar Sújar receive Martin Halblaub, who becomes a new partner of Piezas Habitat. Since then, it is constituted as a company with Spanish soul but with an international outlook, open to the global market with intervention strategies tailored to the most demanding customers, either residentials, professionals or investors.

Our team

Our professional team, with over 10 years of experience, are passionate for a well done job and take care of even the smallest detail. Architects, draughtmen, designers, Project Managers, etc. All close and proactive, aimed at dealing directly with the customer and to the achievement of a common goal.

We work with the most advanced technology and maximize the possibilities of technical software as part of our work. We do it, however, without giving up the traditional processes and traditions of teamwork.

We want to exceed your expectations!

Our team - Piezas Habitat
Studio Piezas Habitat- Integrated projects of architecture

Our philosophy

We design dreams, whether big or small, but dreams. We sell comfort, value and happiness. All our projects are made to suit the customer, and they are designed to reach its highest level of satisfaction.

Because we are part of your life, we focus on comfort, quality and innovation.

Arquitectura - Proyectos - Cádiz, Sevilla y Málaga
Project, equipment and management in Cadiz, Seville and Malaga

Our Showroom

We like what we do, we like to get it right and deliver as promised. So, we have opened these new facilities, so you can check it in situ.

Piezas Habitat is our new stage and we want yours. After 20 years in our former premises, we moved to a new space. It is our showroom, a place with more than 1000 m² where we have fantastic and customized spaces that have become an absolute reference in the world of equipment and interior design.